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SA Stands Policy Goals

SA Stands calls on the community, local businesses, local elected officials, and government entities to take action to protect San Antonio by addressing the following community issues:

1) Reduce the number of people in jail.  SA Stands seeks to reduce the arrest-to-incarceration & deportation pipeline through criminal justice reform and enacting of local discretionary policies such as cite and release, bail reform, and ending the arrest practices? of low level offenses.

2) Cease unnecessary collaboration between local law enforcement and federal immigration authorities.

In order to mitigate and eventually reject laws like SB 4 and any other collaboration with ICE, we call on local officials  to not utilize local resources towards federal enforcement practices.

3) Ensure accountability and transparency from all local government entities. San Antonio and Bexar County have demonstrated efforts for open-data policies. We call on elected officials and law enforcement leaders to be transparent about all information sharing practices and resource utilization with ICE. We also call for diligent complaint processes that allow our communities to report racial profiling and police bias, and for these leaders to establish accountability processes for officers violating civil and constitutional rights.

4) Prioritize constitutional and civil rights in the administration of law enforcement and municipal/county administration.  Ensure that the constitutional and civil rights of all people are upheld by local enforcement agencies and the criminal justice courts. Provide governmental review and oversight of all actions that affect immigrants to audit the city and county policies and procedures to ensure that the civil rights of all members of our community are given utmost deference in the administration of justice in San Antonio and Bexar County.

Core Members:

ACLU of Texas

AILA – SA Chapter

First Unitarian Universalist Church SA

Immigrant Legal Resource Center

Interfaith Welcome Coalition

MOVE Texas

Pro-Immigrant Coalition

Southwest Workers Union


San Antonio Alliance of Teachers and Support Personnel

Texas Criminal Justice Coalition

Texas Organizing Project

Alicia Perez, Esq.

Allies: American Gateways; Fuerza Unida; IBEWLU60; MALDEF ; SA AFL-CIO ; Society of Native Nations;