Manny Pelaez betrays community’s efforts for a comprehensive cite and release policy


December 2, 2021 

CONTACTS: Carolina Canizales, 210-760-7368, and Ananda Tomas, 575-937-4813,

Manny Pelaez betrays community’s efforts for a comprehensive cite and release policy 

SAN ANTONIO, TX — Yesterday the SA Stands coalition learned that Councilman Manny Pelaez filed a Council Consideration Request (CCR) for an incomplete cite and release program, one that would ONLY cover some marijuana misdemeanor cases. He did this after meeting with our SA Stands leaders and hearing about our comprehensive cite and release proposed ordinance.

For the past four years, the SA Stands coalition has led a campaign that is holistic and puts the best version of a cite and release ordinance forward. Our proposed cite and release ordinance is not just about giving an opportunity to those individuals that are caught with marijuana possession, ours includes all citation-eligible offenses under the Texas Penal Code

SA Stand’s goal has always been to significantly reduce non-mandatory and costly arrests in communities who are largely impacted by overpolicing. Our proposed ordinance also includes language to ensure data transparency and oversight of the SA Police Department. 

“Councilman Pelaez has made a calculated move to undercut years of work by the community- including his own constituents- on cite and release. We are also disappointed in Councilman Courage for supporting Pelaez’s watered down version of cite and release. He gave his own commitment to support our CCR just this fall,” stated Ananda Tomas, a member of the SA Stands coalition. 

The SA Stands coalition has received more than 500 petition supporters for our proposed version of cite and release, and engaged hundreds more community members via webinars and community meetings, and produced numerous resources to educate the community about the positive outcomes cite and release can bring to our city. We also surveyed council leaders during elections and got their commitment to support our cite and release ordinance, including Councilman Pelaez’s commitment of support.  

SA Stands is a strong non-partisan collaborative in the city of San Antonio and Bexar County that believes no human being is disposable and works towards the abolishment of systems that are inherently racist and dehumanizing. Through organized campaigns, advocacy efforts, community education, and direct action, SA Stands will mobilize against any laws and efforts that criminalize, incarcerate, deport and divide our communities. For more information visit